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So whilst i was in that state i heard the voice of a

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Unformatted text preview: offer for a moment. Yes, the doors were opened up to him to the kings' palaces and the mansions of the great who would invite him to honour and companionship, whilst the city of Madinah around him censured him and people frowned in his face. He would greet people, yet none would return his greeting. He would ask, yet none would respond. Despite that, he did not turn to the disbelievers. The devil failed to shake him or to make him a slave to his desires. He simply tossed the letter into the fire and let it burn. Thus the days passed, one by one, until a whole month went by. Ka`b remained in this state as the boycott continued to grow heavier around his neck and the pressure continued to increase. Neither did the Messenger pardon him, nor did revelation descend decreeing anything in this matter. When forty days had passed, a messenger from the Prophet came to Ka`b, knocking on his door. Ka`b went out to him, hoping that he might have come with concessions, only to find the messenger saying: "The Messenger orders that you distance yourself from your wife." He said: "Should I divorce her?" He said: "No, but keep your distance from her and do not approach her." Thereupon, Ka`b went to his wife and said:"Go back to your family and stay with them until Allah decrees for this matter." The Prophet sent the same message to his two companions. So the wife of Hilal bin Umayyah came to him and said: "O Messenger of Allah, Hilal bin Umayyah is a weak old man. Will 161 Be concerned about others 24 you give me permission to serve him?" He replied: "Yes, but do not let him approach you." The woman said: "O Prophet of Allah, he is not even able to move for anything he needs. He is still very depressed and cries, night and day, since the day he did what he did." The days became very difficult for Ka`b and the boycott became so unbearable for him that he began to re-examine his faith. He would try to speak to the Muslims, but they would not respond to him. He would greet the Messenger of Allah but would not hear a response. So where should he have gone? Whom should he have consulted? Ka`b said: "When the calamity had gone on for far too long, I went to Abu Qatadah, who was my cousin and the most beloved of people to me. I found him in his garden. I scaled the wall, ente...
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