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Some of the companions turned to her and said this is

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Unformatted text preview: any of them allow these rumours to become imprinted in their hearts and on that basis they paint a picture of you, which happens to be false. Sometimes it becomes widespread that so-and-so did suchand-such. In order to preserve the respect he has for you, verify the news before speaking to him, and this was the methodology of the Prophet . A man came to the Prophet and the Prophet looked at him only to notice a man in a shabby state, his hair covered in dust. The Prophet wanted to advise him to improve his appearance, but he feared that the person might be a pauper who had no money. So he asked him, "Do you have any wealth?" The man said, "Yes, I do." The Prophet said, "What sort of wealth?" The man said, "All sorts of wealth: camels, slaves, horses, cattle, etc." The Prophet said, "If Allah has given you wealth, then let it be shown on your person." Then he said, "Does your camel give birth to young ones with sound ears, but you get hold of a blade and cut off the ears and call it Baheerah? And do you cut a bit of it, or cut its skin and call it Sarm, thereby making it forbidden for yourselves and 277 Verify the fault before criticising 39 your family?" The man said, "Yes." The Prophet replied, "Verily, what Allah has given you is Halaal. Allah's blade is the sharpest!" (al-Hakim who declared it Sahih) In the Year of Delegations, some envoys came to the Prophet having accepted Islam to give the pledge of allegiance to him, whilst others came to him as disbelievers in order to accept Islam or to make pacts. One day, as the Prophet sat amongst his Companions, there came a delegation from al-Sadif. There were about ten of them. They headed for the Prophet's gathering and sat down without giving salutations. The Prophet asked them, "Are you Muslims?" They said, "Yes". The Prophet said, "Why did you not give salutations?" They stood up and said, "Peace from Allah be upon you, O Prophet, and His mercy...
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