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Some people had been killed from hawazin just as some

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Unformatted text preview: urriedly made his way to the Messenger of Allah , as did al-`Abbas who eventually arrived before `Umar. He jumped off the mule and ran to the Messenger of Allah . `Umar followed closely behind and said, "O Messenger of Allah! This is Abu Sufyan! Allah has landed him into our hands without any pact or treaty! Allow me to strike his neck!" Abu Sufyan had harmed the Muslims much. He was the leader of the pagans in the battle of Uhud and Ahzab. He was known for oppressing, killing and torturing the Muslims.Yet, here he was, finally captured by the Muslims! Al-`Abbas said, "O Messenger of Allah, I have granted him security." Al-`Abbas then sat down and began to whisper something in the Prophet's ears, whilst `Umar kept saying, "O Messenger of Allah! Strike off his neck!" When `Umar persisted, al-`Abbas turned to him and said, `Take it easy, O `Umar! If he was from the men of Banu `Adiy bin Ka'b, you wouldn't have suggested that!" Meaning, if he was from your relatives, you would not have suggested what you did, but since you knew that he was from Banu `Abd Manaf, you had no qualms about suggesting what you did. `Umar realised that he was about to enter into a dispute which they could ill afford to have at this stage. Moreover, what benefit was there in even bothering to discuss the absurd notion 568 The art of discussion 86 that if the person was from Banu Ka`b he would have been eager for him to accept Islam whereas if he wasn't from them then he would not have been as eager? `Umar said very calmly, "Take it easy, O `Abbas! By Allah, the fact that you became a Muslim the day you did is more beloved to me than for my own grandfather to become a Muslim. This is because I know for a fact that your embracing Islam was more beloved to the Messenger of Allah than his, if he were to do so." When al-`Abbas heard this from `Umar, he fell silent and the discussion ended, even though, it was quite possible for `Umar to continue arguing by saying, "What do you mean?! Are you doubting...
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