Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy Your Life

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Unformatted text preview: re," he would have noticed the concern for him. Therefore, if one shows people that he values them, they would love him. The Prophet would give utmost importance to this. Look at when he was delivering a sermon once on his pulpit one Friday, and suddenly a Bedouin entered the mosque, walked through the rows, looked at the Messenger of Allah and said in a loud voice: "O Messenger of Allah, I am a person who does not know what his religion is. Teach me what my religion is!" The Prophet descended from his pulpit and turned to the man. He asked for a chair, then sat on it, and then began to speak to the man and explain to him his religion until he understood. He then returned to the pulpit. 168 Be concerned about others 24 This is a demonstration of having the utmost care for people. Who knows, if he had ignored him, the man may have remained ignorant with regards to his religion until he died. If we were to learn about his character, we would find that when he would shake someone's hand, he wouldn't withdraw his hand until the other person withdrew his hand first. If a person were to speak to him, he would completely turn towards him, meaning that he would turn his face and body towards him, in order to listen with full attention. Experience... ...tells us that whenever you show people that you value and care for them, you capture their hearts and are thus endeared to them. 169 (25) Show them that you want the best for them Whenever your heart becomes filled with love and sincerity towards others, you naturally become earnest in your skills in dealing with them; people begin to feel your love for them, and in turn, they too begin to increase in their love and acceptance of you. A female doctor's private clinic was always full of patients. The patients always wanted to visit her as each of them felt that she was their personal friend. This female doctor would employ various skills that would spellbind people's hearts. One of those skills was that she agreed with her secretary that if any of the patients ever called, wanting to speak to the d...
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