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Sometimes as you leave the house your wife shouts out

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Unformatted text preview: It is said The one who knows your secrets enslaves you. 408 (61) Fulfilling people's needs When I began my Masters degree thesis, I read a great number of heresiographical works. One of the philosophical schools I read about was known as pragmatism. When I studied this thought deeply, I realised why we hear that in Europe and America the son abandons his father, and if he sees him in a restaurant, each of them pay for their own meal. Their philosophy says, "If you are not serving my interests, why should I serve you? Why should I spend my money on you? Why should I spend my time on you and struggle without any material gain?" Islam turned this idea upside down. Allah said, "Be good to others, for Allah loves those who are good." The Prophet said, "For me to walk with my brother to fulfil his need until it is fulfilled is more beloved to me than making it'ikaf in this mosque of mine for a month!" He also said, "The one who helps his brother in need, Allah helps him when he is in need." The Prophet would be walking in the street and a slavegirl would stop him, saying, "I need your help." He would remain with her until he would hear her needs. He would then go with 409 Fulfilling people's needs 61 her to her master to fulfil her needs. In fact, the Prophet used to mix with people and have patience over their harms. He used to treat them all with a merciful soul, tearful eyes, a preaching tongue and a loving heart. He would feel that he and others were one body. He would feel the poor man's poverty, the sad person's grief, the ill man's disease and the needy one's needs. Just look at how, as he s sat in his mosque speaking to his Companions, he would see a group of people coming to him from afar. He would notice that they were a group of poor people coming from Mudhar in the direction of Najd. Due to their extreme poverty, they were wearing garments made of wool having white and black stripes. Some of them would find a piece of cloth, but wouldn't have the mone...
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