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Sometimes it becomes widespread that so and so did

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Unformatted text preview: human beings, and what they were faced with was beyond their strength. This was the end of the matter and therefore, there was no benefit left in criticism.This was always the method of the Prophet . When the disbelievers heard that the Messenger of Allah was heading towards Makkah with his army for a conquest, they became terrified.The Messenger of Allah sent to them a man who would announce to all the Makkans: 270 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 - Whoever enters his home and closes his door shall be safe. - Whoever enters the Mosque shall be safe. - Whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan shall be safe. The people began to flee from the Prophet . Meanwhile, some of the horsemen of Quraysh gathered together in order to fight, but their people refused. A group of them decided to meet at a place called al-Khandamah.They were: Safwan bin Umayyah, `Ikrimah bin Abi Jahl, Suhayl bin `Amr and others who had gathered together at al-Khandamah to fight. Hamas bin Qays was actually preparing his weapon before the Prophet made his way to Makkah. When his wife noticed, she said, "Why are you preparing your weapons?" He replied, "For Muhammad and his Companions!" His wife was aware of the Muslim might, so she said, "By Allah! I do not see anything withstanding Muhammad and his Companions!" He replied, "By Allah! I hope that I will bring one of them for your service one day", meaning he would capture some of them and bring them to her as servants. He then left for the place called al-Khandamah where his companions had gathered, only to encounter the Muslims being led by the sword of Allah, Khalid bin al-Walid. The fighting commenced, the brave men attacked and in just a matter of a few moments, more than twelve or thirteen disbelievers were killed. When Hamas bin Qays saw this, he turned to Safwan and 271 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 `Ikrimah and saw them run away to their homes. He caught up with them and headed for his home. Upon reaching home, he scream...
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