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Sometimes we tire ourselves by winning people over by

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Unformatted text preview: ou did, then you should instantly try to heal the wound before it inflames, by using the appropriate skill. How can you do this? Take this for an example: 550 Patching up 83 Makkah, before the Muslims had conquered it, was under the control of the pagans. The pagans had made life difficult for the weak Muslims therein and were oppressing the children of those who had migrated to Madinah but had not been able to take their offspring with them. The Muslims were living through very difficult times.The Prophet wanted to enter Makkah to perform `Umrah but the Quraysh turned him away, and what happened then at Hudaybiyah is history. The Prophet signed a pact with the Quraysh wherein he agreed to return to Madinah without performing `Umrah, and to return the following year to perform it. After a year, the Prophet and his Companions entered Makkah in the state of Ihram, saying, "Labbayk". They performed `Umrah and the Prophet stayed in Makkah for four days.When he headed back to Madinah, a small girl followed him. She was the daughter of Hamzah, who had been martyred at the battle of Uhud. She had remained in Makkah as an orphan. The small girl began to call the Messenger of Allah saying, "Dear uncle! Dear uncle!" `Ali may Allah be pleased with him was riding next to the Prophet along with his pious wife, Fatimah may Allah be pleased with her the daughter of the Messenger of Allah . `Ali lifted her up, gave her to Fatimah, and said, "Hold on to your cousin." When Zayd saw this, he recalled that the Messenger of Allah had created the bond of brotherhood between him and Hamzah upon their migration to Madinah. Zayd therefore came over and said, "She is my niece, and I am more deserving of her custody." 551 Patching up 83 Ja'far then came over and said, "She is my cousin and her maternal aunt is my wife (i.e. Asma' bint `Umays) and therefore I have more right to her custody." `Ali said, "I took her first and she is my cousin." When the Prophet found out about their...
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