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Sometimes you may embarrass or upset someone not

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Unformatted text preview: er another lecture with another group. Meanwhile, I noticed that there was a young man who was hesitantly moving towards me. Perhaps he felt uncomfortable in the crowd. I turned to him and stretched out my hand towards him to shake his hand. I then asked him while he was still in the middle of the crowd, "Do you have a question?" He said, "Yes." I pulled him to myself until he came close. "What's your question?" I asked. He said in hurry, "I went to do the ritual stoning along with my grandmother and sister. There were lots of crowds..." He asked the question and I answered. Meanwhile, I noticed the smell of cigarettes on him, so I smiled and asked, "Do you smoke?" 538 Supplications 82 "Yes", he said. I said, "I ask Allah to forgive you, accept your Hajj, and help you quit smoking straight way." The young man remained silent, and it was quite clear that he was affected what I had said. After eight months, I went to deliver a lecture in a city. I entered the mosque to notice an honourable young man waiting for me at the door. I was amazed because as soon as he had seen me, he came and greeted me very warmly, even though I didn't remember him. I exchanged greetings with him anyway. He said, "Do you recognise me?" I said, "I thank you very much for your kindness, love and respect, but I am afraid that I don't recognise you." He said, "Do you remember the young man you met during Hajj who was a smoker? You advised him to quit smoking..." I said, "O yes, I do!" He said, "I am that person! I would like to give you the good news that I have not placed a cigarette in my mouth since. I have quit smoking and have also rectified myself in other ways to a great extent." I warmly shook his hand and became convinced that supplicating a person in front of him, as he listens, is perhaps more effective than advising him directly. Similarly, if you were to see for example a young man being dutiful to his parents, you should say, "May Allah reward you. May He grant yo...
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