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Surely they were all brave men who did not fall short

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Unformatted text preview: ired, since he too was tired due to the long journey. He sat down and leant against his camel to rest. As the time for Fajr began to enter, his eyelids felt heavier and heavier till he slipped into a slumber. They were all very tired, hence they all overslept. Night passed and morning came, whilst they all remained asleep, and were only awoken by the heat of the sun. The Prophet woke up, and so did the people. When they saw the sun they became confused and clamorous. Everyone by now was looking at Bilal. The Prophet looked at Bilal and said, "What have you done to us, O Bilal?" In response, Bilal said briefly, yet explaining what precisely happened, "O Messenger of Allah! My soul was taken by the One Who took your soul." Meaning, I am a human being. I tried to ward off sleep but I wasn't able to. I was overtaken by sleep just as the rest of you were! 265 Do not criticise me! End of story? 38 The Prophet said, "You have spoken the truth", and remained silent. What would the benefit have been in blaming anyone? When the Prophet saw that the people were confused, he said to them, "Let's embark!' They all set off. He then walked for a while and stopped by a place as they all did. They all made ablution for prayer, and the Prophet led the people in prayer. After concluding the prayer, the Prophet turned to the people and said, "If you ever forget to pray then pray as soon as you remember." How excellent he was! How wise he was! He served as a learning centre for every leader, unlike some modern-day leaders who rarely avoid blaming and scolding. The Prophet would place himself in the shoes of those under him, and think from their perspective. He would deal with the hearts, before dealing with the bodies. He knew that they were merely human beings and not machines! In the 9th year of Hijrah, Rome amassed an army and began to approach from the direction of Syria in order to fight the Prophet and his Companions; although it is also said that t...
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