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Teach me what my religion is the prophet descended

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Unformatted text preview: his heart would be endeared towards him further? Compare that to a friend who calls, saying: `Hello! We are going off to the beach to have fun. What do you say? Do you want to come with us?" he would reply: `Well, my father is ill, so I cannot.' Then, instead of praying for the father and apologising for not asking about his condition, if the friend were to say, "I know that, but he is in the hospital and he has nurses to look after him. He won't benefit much from your presence, anyway. Come with us, enjoy yourself and swim, etc." If he said this while laughing and joking, as if he is unconcerned about the father's illness, what would one's view of the friend be then? No doubt, his status in his heart would decrease as he simply did not display any concern whatsoever about his worries. One of the most upsetting things ever to happen to me was when I was once in Jeddah for a few days. I was extremely busy at the time and meanwhile, I received a text message from my brother Su'ud which read:"May Allah grant you befitting patience. Your cousin has passed away in Germany." I called my brother who told me that this cousin of ours, who was elderly, had travelled just two days before that to Germany for heart treatment and had died during the operation. His body was soon to arrive at Riyadh airport. I prayed for him and sought Allah's mercy for him, and ended the call with my brother. A couple of days later, my work in Jeddah was complete, and so I went to the airport, waiting for my flight to depart for Riyadh. 166 Be concerned about others 24 There, a group of young men passed by me. When they saw me, they recognised me and greeted me. Some of them were adolescents with outlandish hairstyles, but I nevertheless joked with them and affectionately teased them. I became busy with a telephone call and after I finished, I saw a young man wearing trousers and a shirt. When he saw me, he greeted me and shook my hand. I welcomed him and said, jokingly: "What is this fashion? It is as if today is your...
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