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That day truly was very cruel 319 self torture 45

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Unformatted text preview: n his enmity towards the believers and a staunch supporter of the declaration "...he would not have left them in this state!" Zuhayr said, "Woe be to you, O Hisham! What can I do? I am only one man. By Allah, if I had another man with me, I would have stood up to reverse it." Hisham said, "Well, you have found a man." "Who is it?" asked Zuhayr. "Myself," replied Hisham. 312 Untie the bundle 44 Zuhayr said, "We need a third person." Hisham said, "OK, but please conceal my affair." Thus he went to al-Mut'im bin `Adiy, who was an intelligent person, and said to him, "O Mut'im, are you pleased that two families from Banu `Abd Manaf perish, whilst you are not only a witness but also in agreement with Quraysh over this?" Al-Mut'im said, "Woe be to you! What can I do? I am only one man." Hisham replied, "I have found a second person for you." "Who is this person?" al-Mut'im asked. "It is I," Hisham replied. Al-Mut'im said, "We would need a third person." Hisham said, "I have already found one." Al-Mut'im asked, "Who is it?" "Zuhayr bin Abi Umayyah," Hisham replied. Al-Mut'im said, "We want a fourth person." Hisham said, "Alright, but please conceal my affair." Hisham then went to Abul-Bakhtari bin Hisham and said to him what he had said to his friends earlier. Abul-Bakhtari became eager and asked, "Have you found anyone to help you in this?" "Yes," Hisham replied. "Who is it?" Abul-Bukhtari asked. "Zuhayr bin Abi Umayyah, al-Mut'im bin `Adiy and I, we are all with you," replied Hisham. 313 Untie the bundle 44 Abul-Bakhtari said, "We will need a fifth person." Thereupon, Hisham went to Zam'ah bin al-Aswad. He spoke to him and reminded him of his relationship and their rights over him. Zam'ah said to him, "Is there anyone else with you on this?" He replied, "Yes. S...
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