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The muslims would always treat people kindly in wars

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Unformatted text preview: make them feel that they were loved and held in high regard. When the Prophet's influence extended after his conquests and Islam had spread far and wide, the Prophet began sending preachers to various tribes to call them to Islam. Sometimes he even had to send armies. `Adi bin Hatim al-Ta'i was a king and the son of a king. When the Prophet sent an army to the Tai' tribe, `Adi ran away from the battle and took refuge in Syria. When the Muslim army reached Tai' they found it easy to defeat them as they had neither a king nor an organised army.The Muslims would always treat people kindly in wars and respect their emotions, even during battle. The purpose of the battle was to prevent the plots of `Adi's people against the Muslims and to display to them the Muslims' strength. The Muslims captured some people from `Adi's tribe, amongst whom was `Adi's sister. They took the captives to the Prophet in Madinah and informed him about `Adi's escape to Syria. The Prophet was surprised, thinking how could he have run away from the ture religion? How could he have left his people behind? However, there was no way for the Muslims to contact `Adi. `Adi himself did not enjoy his stay in Syria and was compelled to come back to the Arab lands. He then could not but help go to Madinah to meet with the Prophet and make peace with him, or to create some sort of understanding. (It is also claimed that his sister went to Syria to bring him back to the Arabs). 41 Who is the most beloved to you? 7 `Adi said whilst relating his story, "None from the Arabs disliked the Messenger of Allah as much as I did. I was a Christian and a king amongst my people. When I heard about the Messenger of Allah , I despised him and left my people to go to Caesar of Rome. But I disliked staying there, too. So I thought that if I went to this man and he turned out to be a liar, then he wouldn't be able to harm me, and if he was truthful, then I would know. So I decided to go to him..." "When I arrived in Madinah, the people began to say, `This is `Adi bin Hatim! This is `Adi bin Hatim!' I continued to walk until I reached the Messenger of Allah who said to me: ``Adi b...
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