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The prophet asked him to come forward and he did he

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Unformatted text preview: he asked him to come forward. When he came and sat in front of him, lo and behold, it was the same Bedouin. The Prophet's love had entered into his heart so deeply that he wished that the Prophet and he be the 100 Use the right flavour 17 recipients of Allah's mercy exclusively. The Prophet said to him, "You have narrowed what is vast!" Meaning that Allah's mercy was enormous enough to include them two and everyone else, so it should not have been restricted to the two of them only. Notice how the Prophet managed to capture his heart by knowing how to deal with him, for he was a Bedouin who had just come from the desert. He could not be expected to be as knowledgeable as Abu Bakr and `Umar, or even Mu'adh and `Ammar, and hence he should not be treated like them either. Let's look at the case of Mu`awiyah bin al-Hakm, may Allah be pleased with him who was just a regular Companion. He did not live in Madinah, or even accompany the Prophet often; rather, he had cattle in the desert to tend to. One day, Mu`awiyah entered Madinah and visited the mosque. He sat in the gathering of the Prophet and his Companions as they were discussing the etiquettes of sneezing. One of the etiquettes the Prophet taught was that if one hears his brother sneeze and then praise Allah, he should say to him `YarhamukAllah' (i.e., `May Allah have mercy on you'). Mu`awiyah committed this to his memory and left. After a few days he returned to Madinah to fulfil a need and entered the mosque where the Prophet was praying with his Companions, so he joined them. As they were praying, one of the Companions sneezed, and before he could say "al-Hamdulillah", Mu`awiyah remembered that he was supposed to respond, so he hurriedly said in a loud voice, "YarhamukAllah!" The people who were praying became confused and began to look at him with disapproving looks. When he noticed the commotion he became confused and said, "Woe be to me! Why are you staring 101 Use the right fl...
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