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The prophet feared for his wellbeing and said they

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Unformatted text preview: `Umar, he said, "Dear nephew, raise your garment, for it is cleaner for your garment and a more pious conduct towards your Lord." (al-Bukhari). End of story. This was a very brief advice, where the message was successfully delivered. Avoid arguments as much as you can, especially if you feel that the one you are speaking to is arrogant. The objective is only to give him advice and not to initiate a debate. Allah has condemned argumentation by saying, "They raise not the objection save for argument." The Prophet said, "No people were misguided after being guided, except that they were made busy with argumentation." He also said, "I guarantee a mansion in the middle of paradise for those who leave off argumentation, even if they are right." Some people are easily convinced, when they think, but most people have an element of scornfulness and arrogance.The Pharaoh and his people, when they realised the truth, believed in it in their hearts, yet were obstructed by their own arrogance to follow it, Allah said of them, "And they denied them, though their souls acknowledged them, for spite and arrogance." Your sole objective is to make one aware of his mistake so that he may avoid it in future.Your objective is not to be victorious over him. Neither of you are in a boxing ring. Once the Prophet came to `Ali and Fatimah may Allah be pleased with them both at night, and asked them, "Wouldn't you like to pray?" Meaning; wouldn't you like to pray the night prayer? 387 Be concise and do not argue 56 `Ali replied, "Our souls are in the Hands of Allah. Whenever He wants to wake us up He will." The Prophet walked away slapping his thigh with his hand, saying, "But man is more than anything contentious." (alBukhari) Sometimes, the one you are advising may say something to excuse himself, and even though the excuse might not be convincing, he would say it anyway just to preserve his honour. Be forbearing, accept his exc...
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