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The prophet found out about this and was sure that if

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Unformatted text preview: recall that a prominent preacher who had been blessed with sound intellect and eloquence would frequently deliver lectures and sermons. Whether it was a Friday sermon, a Fatwa session, or a university lecture, he would continuously be speaking. Peo560 The art of listening 85 ple would watch him on satellite television channels and always look forward to listening to his words. Except, that is, for his wife. Whenever he was with his wife, instead of listening to her story, he would be continuously speaking non-stop, as usual. She would often complain about him but he wouldn't know why she would do so. Everyone would respect and praise him except for her. So, one day, he decided to take her with him to one of his lectures to appreciate what she had not heard before. He said to her, "Would you like to come with me?" She said, "To where?" He said, "To a lecture by a preacher. Perhaps we will benefit from it." She got into the car with him. When they arrived at their destination, they got out of the car and walked until they reached the door of the mosque. A huge crowd had turned up to listen to this excellent lecturer. She went into the women's section whilst he walked through the crowd, sat on the chair and began his lecture. The people were listening to the lecture attentively, and even his wife was probably amazed at his performance. When the lectured finished, he went out to his car, pleased with his performance. His wife came and sat in the passenger seat, and as they sat in the car, he gave her no opportunity to speak, as usual, and began to talk about the crowds, the beauty of the mosque, etc. He then asked her, "What do you think of today's lecture?" She said, "It was good and very effective. Who was the lec- 561 The art of listening 85 turer?"' He said, "Strange! You didn't recognise the voice?" She said, "Well, with all the crowd and the poor loudspeakers, I couldn't pay much attention." He said, with all...
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