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The prophet realised their intent and therefore

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Unformatted text preview: Makkah and purified the Sacred House of the idols. Then, `Umar realised that he was incorrect to oppose the Prophet's decision. Thus, he used to say, "I never ceased to fast, give charity, pray and free slaves, due to what I did that day, fearing the consequences of the words I spoke that day, until I began to regain some hope." How excellent was `Umar! How excellent was the Messenger of Allah before him! How can we benefit from this skill? If your son does not memorise the Qur'an, and you would like him to do so eagerly, then begin with things that you both agree on. You can say to him, "Don't you wish that Allah should love you? Don't you wish to raise your rank in Paradise?" No doubt he would reply, "Indeed!" Then, you can present your advice to him as a suggestion, saying, "In that case, if you were to attend Qur'an memorisation circles..." Likewise, if you were to notice a woman who does not wear a Hijaab, speak to her about things you both agree on.You should say, "I know you are a Muslim woman, and therefore, always eager to do good." She would say, "Correct, al-hamdulillah." You would further say, "You are a chaste woman who loves Allah." 213 Do not be dictatorial 32 She would say, "Yes, al-hamdulillah." Then, you can present your advice in the form of a suggestion, saying, "Perhaps, you should pay more attention to the Hijaab aspect of Islam, and show more enthusiasm to cover." This is how we can achieve what we want from the people, without them even realising. A twinkle... You can always eat honey without demolishing the beehive. 214 (33) Hold the stick from the middle "Thank you very much for deciding to teach as a career. Allah has gifted you with a flair for teaching.Your students love you very much. However, I wish that you would not turn up late for work in the morning." "You are beautiful. Your house is in order. I don't deny that the children are tiring you out. However, if only you could look after their...
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