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The prophet said this was only due to allahs mercy if

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Unformatted text preview: ach other, and increases productivity.Yet, another manager may come along who is always angry with his employees, so perhaps he would envy the first manager and therefore attempt to convince him to deal with them differently. He may say to him, "Don't do that... Do this... Don't smile..." A grocer, for example, may not sell cigarettes, but then his friend comes to him and advises him to sell cigarettes to increase his profits and puts doubts in his mind to convince him of his opinion. Be brave and stick to your principles. Say in a loud voice, "Never! No matter what the temptations!" In the past, some disbelievers tried to make the Messenger of Allah give up some of his principles, and hence, Allah said, "They wish that you compromise, so they too can compromise." Meaning, that the disbelievers who worship idols have no principles to adhere to, and hence, they see no difficulty in giving anything up. So be wary of them ever tempting you to lose grip of your principles. Methodology Allah says, "Do not obey those who reject the truth. They wish that you compromise, so they too can compromise." 461 (72) Forgiving others Life is full of pains that we suffer due to others. One makes an embarrassing joke, another throws an insult, and so on. Many people intrude into others' private matters, others argue in public gatherings, others have different viewpoints and opinions, and so on. Some of us exaggerate matters in the mind and are unwilling to forgive and forget. Some of us are too proud to accept people's excuses and forgive them. Some people punish themselves by not forgiving others. Their hearts are often filled with envy that keeps their thoughts busy and constantly torments them. How fair is envy! It begins with the one who harbours it and ends up killing him. Therefore, do not torment yourself. There are certain things in the world that you simply cannot punish anyone over. Have a big heart, forget the past and continue to live your lif...
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