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The prophet stood watching his body and said he

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Unformatted text preview: y, a young man called Julaybib was sitting next to the Prophet . He was one of the best Companions but was poor and not very good looking. Which topic did the Prophet raise with this young man, who was still unmarried? Did he discuss Arab lineages and which of them are nobler than others? Did he discuss the markets and the laws governing sales? No. Rather, he was a young man who preferred certain topics over others. Hence, the Prophet asked him about marriage. Julaybib replied, "You will find me unmarketable." The Prophet replied, "You are not so in the sight of Allah." While the Prophet was looking to get Julaybib married, there came to him a man from the Ansaar offering his previously married daughter to him in marriage.The Prophet said,"I want to have your daughter married." The man replied, "Most, definitely, O Messenger of Allah!" The Prophet said, "Actually, I don't want her for myself." "For whom then?" the man asked. "For Julaybib" said the Prophet . The man became surprised and said, "Julaybib! Julaybib! O Messenger of Allah, allow me to ask her mother." The man went to his wife and said, "The Prophet is pro- 113 Choose the right topics 18 posing to your daughter." She said, "How wonderful! Marry her off to the Messenger of Allah." He said, "He doesn't want her for himself." "For whom then?" she asked? He said, "For Julaybib." The woman was shocked at the idea of her daughter being married to an ugly poor man. She said, "Never! I swear I will not allow her to marry Julaybib! We haven't given her in marriage to so many others!" The father was saddened. As he got up to leave to inform the Prophet , the girl shouted from her room, "Who proposed for me?" They said, "The Messenger of Allah." She said, "Are you rejecting the Prophet's request? Send me to him, for he shall certainly not bring ruin to me." Thereafter, her father went to the Prophet and said, "O Messenger of Allah, the choice is yours, so marry her off to Julaybib if so you wish." The Prophet married her off to Julaybib and prayed for...
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