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The prophet took the bowl and placed it in my hands

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Unformatted text preview: lied, "He is too persevering and honouring to exact revenge!" Safwan therefore returned with him and they reached Makkah. `Umayr took him to the Messenger of Allah . Safwan said, "He claims that you have granted me security." The Prophet replied, "He has spoken the truth." Safwan said, "As for accepting Islam, then please give me two months to think about it," i.e. I will remain in Makkah on my religion of worshipping idols for two months and contemplate whether or not I should accept Islam. The Prophet said, "You can think for four months." Safwan later embraced Islam may Allah be pleased with him. How beautiful it is to forgive others and forget the painful past! Without any doubt, only great people can have this characteristic - those who rise with their noble principles above the lowliness of revenge and retribution, grudge and rage. Life is very short. It is surely too short for us to soil it with grudge and malice. Even with regards to personal matters, the Prophet was very easy going. Al-Miqdad bin al-Aswad said, "My friends and I arrived in Madinah and met people, but nobody accepted us as guests. We thus came to the Prophet and mentioned to him what had happened. He hosted us in his house where he had four goats and said: `Milk them, O Miqdad. Divide them up in four portions and have one each.' This is what I would do each day." 468 Forgiving others 72 Every evening, al-Miqdad would milk the goats, drink from them, along with his friends, and leave a portion for the Prophet . If the Prophet was present he would drink it there and then, and if he was absent, they would preserve it for him until he returned. One evening, al-Miqdad milked the goats as usual and portioned it into four, drunk it along with his friends and left a portion for the Prophet to drink when he returned. The Prophet , however, got delayed. Al-Miqdad laid down in his bed and thought to himself, "Perhaps, the Prophet went to some...
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