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The prophet turned to her and said come lets race she

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Unformatted text preview: be happy whenever he visited or conversed with her. Even though the rest of her sons and daughters were also kind to her, her heart was attached to this one son in particular. I would wonder about this, so one day I asked my friend why. He replied, "The problem is that my brothers do not comprehend my mother's nature.They become too cumbersome for her to bear whenever they sit with her." I asked, jokingly, "So your highness was the only one able to discover her nature?" He laughed and said, "Yes! Allow me to tell you the secret. My mother is like any other aged woman who loves to talk about womanly issues, such as who got married or divorced, how many sons so-and-so has, which of them is the eldest, what is the name of her first child, and so on. I consider all this frivolous, but she loves chatting about it. She feels that the information she shares with me is priceless as it cannot be found in any book, audio or website. She feels that she is relating unique information to me, and is delighted to do so! Whenever I sit with her I instigate such conversations and she becomes elated and continues to speak ceaselessly. My brothers talk about issues that do not interest her and so she feels bored in their company and longs to be in mine! That is all there is to it." Yes, if you realise the nature of the one you are conversing 92 Use the right flavour 17 with, what he likes and dislikes, you will be able to capture his heart. Whoever looks at the way the Prophet dealt with people would realise that he would deal with everyone in accordance with their personality. Even when he would deal with his wives, he would do so on the basis of the personality of each. `A'ishah was very much of an extrovert and so the Prophet would often joke with her. Once she went with him on a journey and on the way back, as they approached Madinah, the Prophet said to the people, "Continue on and leave us behind for a while." The people carried on, leaving them behind, and so the Prophet was left with `A'ishah. At the time, `A'ishah was a young and energetic girl. The Pro...
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