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The prophet turned to her and said o khawlah allah

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Unformatted text preview: and keeping him at a distance. She said to him, "I swear by the One who has Khawlah's life in His Hand, you will never approach me after having said what you did, until Allah's Messenger gives a judgement." 58 With women 10 Khawlah then left to visit the Messenger of Allah and told him what had happened. She also complained to him about how she was treated by her husband. The Prophet admonished her and advised her to remain patient, saying, "O Khawlah! He is your cousin and an old man, so fear Allah with regards to him." She said in response, "O Messenger of Allah! He married me when I was young, my stomach became flabby due to pregnancy, and now, when I have become old and unable to have any more children, he has divorced me! O Allah! I complain to you!" The Prophet heard her words and waited for Allah to reveal a verdict regarding her case, and while Khawlah was with the Prophet , there came Jibreel from the heavens and revealed unto the Prophet the ruling concerning her and her husband. The Prophet turned to her and said, "O Khawlah! Allah has revealed a verse concerning you and your husband." He then recited: "Allah has heard the saying of she that disputes with you (Muhammad) concerning her husband, and complains unto Allah. And Allah hears your argument. Indeed Allah is the Hearer, Knower..." until the end of the verses from the early part of Surah al-Mujadilah. The Prophet said to her, "Order him to free a slave." She said, "O Messenger of Allah, he doesn't have a slave to free." He said, "Then tell him to fast two consecutive months." She said, "By Allah, he is an old man who doesn't have the strength to fast." 59 With women 10 He said, "Then let him feed sixty poor people a wasq (160 kg) of dates" She said, "O Messenger of Allah, he doesn't have that to give." He said, "In that case, we will help him with some dates." She said, "O Messenger of Allah, I will help him with some dates myself."...
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