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The enemy of allah praise be to allah who landed you

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Unformatted text preview: s through which we can win over hearts. Therefore, from the most important of all skills is to praise the good that people may have.The people of Abu Musa al-Ash'ari may Allah be pleased with him had great interest in reciting and memorising the Qur'an. Perhaps, they surpassed many other Companions in reciting the Qur'an with a melodious voice. Once, they accompanied the Prophet on a journey. When the people woke up one morning and gathered, the Prophet said, "I can recognise the voices of our Ash'ari companions as they 554 Look with both eyes 84 recite the Qur'an at night. I also know their locations just by listening to their recitation at night, without ever needing to see where their places are when they stop over in the morning." (alBukhari and Muslim) If you were to have been with the Ash'aris and had heard the Prophet praising them in front of others, you would realise how it would make them even more enthusiastic. One morning, the Prophet met Abu Musa and said to him, "You should have seen me last night as I attentively listened to your recitation. You have been given one of the flutes of the people of David." Abu Musa became overjoyed and delighted upon hearing this. He said, "If I had known that you were listening to my recitation, I would have recited even more proficiently." (al-Hakim, Sahih. Its origin is in al-Bukhari and Muslim) Yes, the Messenger of Allah never used to hide his feelings. Rather, he would share them with his family. Just as he would tell the wrongdoer that he had erred, he would also tell the doer of good that he had done good! `Amr bin Taghlib may Allah be pleased with him was a man from amongst the Companions. He was not as distinguished in terms of knowledge as Abu Bakr, nor in terms of bravery as `Umar, nor in terms of memory as Abu Hurayrah. However, his heart was filled with faith, and this was something the Prophet was well aware of. One day as the Prophet was seated, there came to him some wealth which he began to distribute amongst the people. The Prophet had a special way of distributing charity, war booty, or gifts amongst the people. He would 555 Look...
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