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The hand you cannot twist you must shake if you think

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Unformatted text preview: and blessings!" He replied, "Peace be to you, too! Please be seated!" They then sat down and asked him about the prayer times. During `Umar's era, Islamic lands had expanded, so he appointed Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas as an Amir over Kufa. The people of Kufa at the time were wreaking havoc against their leaders. A group of them sent a letter to `Umar may Allah be pleased with him complaining about Sa'd. In the letter they mentioned many faults, even claiming that he did not pray well! When `Umar read the letter, he did not hastily make a deci- 278 Verify the fault before criticising 39 sion or write a letter of advice. Instead, he sent Muhammad bin Maslamah to Kufa with a letter for Sa'd. He also ordered him to accompany Sa'd and to ask the people about his dealings. Muhammad bin Maslamah arrived in Kufa and informed Sa'd of the news. He then began to pray in the various mosques with Sa'd and started to ask the people about his dealings. He did not leave a mosque except that he asked about Sa'd, and the people never mentioned him with anything but good. This was the case until they entered one of the mosques of Banu `Abs, where Muhammad bin Maslamah stood up and asked the people about their leader, Sa'd. They all spoke in praise of him. Muhammad then said, "I ask you in the name of Allah, do you know anything else about him?" They said, "No, we do not know anything but good." When Muhammad repeated the question, there rose a man at the end of the mosque. His name was Usamah bin Qatadah. He said, "If you have asked us in the name of Allah, then listen to what I have to say. Sa'd neither treats us fairly, nor is he just in disputations." Sa'd became surprised and said, "Am I like this?!" The man said, "Yes." Sa'd then said, "By Allah, I pray to Allah for three things. O Allah, if this servant of Yours is a liar, and he has only stood up to show off, then prolong his life, extend his poverty, and give him tribulations in life!"...
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