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The meat is also very unpleasant in that it is not

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Unformatted text preview: rst one of them to reach her was Hibar bin al-Aswad. He frightened her with his spear as she sat in her howdaj. It said that she was pregnant and as a consequence she miscarried. The disbelievers began to race towards her with their weapons, whilst she had no one except her brother-in-law, Kinanah. When Kinanah saw this, he sat on the ground, laid his quiver down and picked up his bow ready to shoot. He then said, "I swear by Allah, if anyone of you comes near me I will shoot him with this!" He was a good archer. The people around him began to waver and retreat, and watched him from afar. Neither was he able to move, nor were the people able to approach him, until it reached Abu Sufyan that Zaynab was heading off to be with her father. Upon hearing this he appeared with a group of noble men from Quraysh. When he saw that Kinanah was ready to shoot and the people were ready to fight him, he shouted, "O man! Point your bow away so we may speak." Kinanah pointed his bow away. 361 Gentleness only beautifies 53 Abu Sufyan then approached him and said, "What you did was not right. You went out with the woman in broad daylight. You know of our suffering and catastrophe at Badr, and what happened to us due to Muhammad. Our noble men were killed and women were widowed. If people see you, and the tribes hear that you left with his daughter in broad daylight in the midst of everyone, they will think of it as another humiliation befalling us, and that this is due to our weakness and flaw. I swear that we have no need to keep her here away from her father.We have no need to exact revenge from her. So go back with the woman, until the voices calm down and the people think that we returned her back to Makkah. You can then secretly take her and return her to her father." When Kinanah heard this, he was satisfied and returned back to Makkah. She stayed a few nights in Makkah, until voices had calmed down. Soon after this, one night, he took her out and met up with Zayd bin Harithah and his companion. The two of them then brought her to the Messenger of Allah . Contemplate. How gentle was Abu Sufyan! Look how he succeeded in cooling Kinanah's anger, an...
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