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The mosque shook the prophet descended from the

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Unformatted text preview: er on their way, they let the camels loose so they could pasture. When they stopped over at a certain place and fell asleep, the woman got up in order to escape. She went to the camels so as to mount one of them. Each time she went near a camel, it made a noise, causing her to avoid approaching it lest the pagans woke up. She kept approaching the camels one by one until she came to al-`Adhba and moved it to discover that it was docile and well-trained. She then mounted the camel and made her way back to Madinah. When she felt safe, she was overcome with joy and said, "O 79 With animals 14 Allah, I vow to you that if you save me by means of this camel, I would sacrifice it for you!" When the woman reached Madinah, the people recognised the Prophet's camel.The woman then went home and the people brought the camel to the Prophet . Later, the woman came and asked for the camel so that she could slaughter it. The Prophet said, "How evil is the reward you give it! Allah saved you on it and now you want to slaughter it!" The Prophet then said, "A vow is not valid if it is in disobedience to Allah, or with that which one does not own." Why not turn your interpersonal skills, such as gentleness and generosity, into your natural disposition that would constantly remain with you and in everything you do, even when you deal with animals, trees and non-living things? The Prophet would give Friday sermons resting his back on an erect trunk of a date-palm tree in his mosque. A woman from the Ansaar said, "O Messenger of Allah, shall I not make something for you to sit on? I have a servant who is a carpenter." The Prophet said, "If you wish." The woman made a pulpit for him. The next Friday, the Prophet climbed the pulpit she had made, and as he sat on it, the tree-trunk behind him mooed like a bull screamed as if it was about to split in half. The mosque shook. The Prophet descended from the pulpit and embraced the trunk and it wailed like a child. Thereupon the Prophet said,...
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