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The only words written therein were in your name o

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Unformatted text preview: an should not utterly hate his wife due to a particular trait or nature. Rather, one should overlook her faults in consideration of her virtues. Hence, when he sees a fault in her, he immediately remembers her virtues. When he witnesses something unsightly in her, he thinks of her beauty. He should try to be oblivious to those manners of hers which he dislikes. Enlightenment... The blame is not on the one who does not accept advice. Rather, it is on the one who presents it inappropriately. 308 (44) Untie the bundle If an error were to occur at the hands of a group of people, then as a rule they should be advised on the spot. However, sometimes you may need to untie the knot of the bundle. I mean by that to speak to each one of them individually and advise them. For example, if there is a gathering in your house and you happen to overhear your brother speaking to his friends-who were all his guests. You find out that they are planning to travel to a country where most often people become involved in major sins.You decide to advise him, but how should you do so? You could decide to tackle them all and advise them with a word or two and leave. However, you might not get very successful results. How about if you were to untie the bundle, and deal with it strand-by-strand? Could you do this? When they have dispersed, sit with the one you think is the most reasonable of them all and say, "O so-and-so, it has reached me that you will be travelling.You seem to be the most intelligent of them all.You know very well that the traveller to this country is not protected from calamities and mishaps. One may even return sick and diseased. How about if you earn their rewards 309 Untie the bundle 44 and suggest that they travel to a different country? There they can enjoy the lakes, beaches and amusements without getting involved in any sin." No doubt, if he hears this from you in a nice manner, his zeal would be reduced by half.You can then go to the second person and say the same to him, and then the third,...
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