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The people said to the man what you did was not right

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Unformatted text preview: le to flee from the battle were the Bedouins.The disbelievers gained an upper hand and prevailed. 281 Whip me gently! 40 The Prophet turned around and saw the troops fleeing, blood flowing, and horses colliding into each other. He ordered `Abbas to call out, "O Muhajirun! O Ansaar!" Upon hearing the call, they returned and the Prophet managed to stand his ground with eighty or a hundred men, until Allah gave them victory and the battle came to an end. When the war booty was collected and brought to the Prophet , those who fled from the battle in fear of spears and arrows were the first ones to come to the Messenger of Allah wanting a share of the booty. The Bedouins persistedly demanded of the Prophet saying, "Give us our share of the booty! Give us our share of the booty!" How strange! Your share of the booty? Since when do you have a share in it if you did not even fight? How can you ask for a share in the booty when he was calling out to you and you were not responding? However, the Prophet wouldn't scrutinise such issues, for the world did not mean anything to him. They began to follow him and kept repeating, "Give us our share!" They gathered around him, thereby restricting his path forcing him into the trees. Due to overcrowding, he was brushing against the trees as he walked, and in the process his cloak got stuck in a branch and fell off his shoulders exposing his stomach and back. But the Prophet did not become angry. He only turned to them and gently said, "O People! Please hand me my cloak. I swear by the One Who has my soul in His Hand, if I had livestock as many as the trees of Tihamah, I would have distributed it amongst you and then you would have known that I am neither 282 Whip me gently! 40 miserly, nor cowardly, nor a liar." Surely, if he was a miser he would have kept everything for himself. If he was a coward he would have fled. If he was a liar, the Lord of the Worlds would not have aided him. The Prophet had m...
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