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The three days of the course went by and we all went

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Unformatted text preview: could hear the music. Ziyad began to horn in order to attract his attention so that he could ask him to turn the volume down. But the person didn't respond at all. Perhaps, he was so drowned in the sound that he didn't realise what was going around him. Ziyad tried to see the face of the driver since the side of his face was covered with a headscarf. After trying hard, he finally saw it and found that he had a thick, bushy beard! He was amazed to see a person with a beard who was listening to loud music instead of the Qur'an! The lights turned green and the cars moved. Ziyad was eager to advise him, so he started following him. The man stopped his car outside a shop to buy something. Ziyad stopped his car behind it and looked at the man to discover that he even wore his garment above his ankles, whilst his beard filled his face.Various strange thoughts began to rush into his mind, and he thought that the man would probably emerge from the shop with a pack578 Wait and do not interrupt! 88 et of cigarettes. But the man came out with an Islamic magazine in his hand. Ziyad could bear it no longer, so he gently called to the man, "Dear brother! Excuse me!" The person did not respond or even turn around. Ziyad raised his voice...
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