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Then instead of sitting in the prophets circle he

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Unformatted text preview: ' "I did not want to upset him and hence, he spoke and was definitely more knowledgeable and sedate than me. By Allah, he said everything I had thought of saying, and even better! Abu Bakr said: `As for what you mentioned of the good that exists in you, then that is true. However, the Arabs have only known the Quraysh as leaders. They are the most judicious of Arabs in terms of lineage and tribe. I have chosen one of their two men here, so give allegiance to the one you like. "He took my hand and that of Abu Ubaydah, who was sitting with us. I didn't detest anything he had said except this. By Allah, I would rather that my neck was struck off without me committing any sin than for me to be a leader of a people that included Abu Bakr. "The people fell silent, and then a person from the Ansaar said: `I am of those by means of whose counsel people seek relief, and I have a family that will aid and defend me. How about if we have a leader from amongst ourselves, and you have a leader 98 Use the right flavour 17 amongst yourselves, O Quraysh?' "There was much clamour and voices were raised, which we feared may result in discord. So I said: `Stretch out your hand, O Abu Bakr!' "He stretched forth his hand and I pledged allegiance to him. Then the Muhajiroon gave him the pledge, followed by the Ansaar." Yes, everyone has a special key to open his heart, earn his love and influence him.We notice this often in our lives. Perhaps you have heard work colleagues say that if you want to get the manager to agree to something, then so-and-so is the key, or if you want anything, ask so-and-so to speak to him on your behalf. Why not then use your skills to open up people's hearts and be a head instead of being a tail? Yes, be special and look for the keys with which to open up the hearts of your mother, father, wife and children. Find the key to the heart of your manager at work and your colleagues. Knowing the keys to their hearts helps them accept good advice when it is offered, that...
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