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Then one of them stood up and said people allow the

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Unformatted text preview: took it as a lesson for myself and walked on silently. After walking a few steps further, we passed by another room with the door closed. The door had an opening through which a man inside was looking out and making signs to us which we couldn't understand. I attempted to have a glance inside the room only to find that the walls and the floor were all brown. I asked the doctor, "What is this?" 330 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 The doctor replied, "A crazy person!" I felt that he was not taking me seriously, so I said to him, "I know he is crazy, for if he was sane he wouldn't be here. I want to know what his story is." He replied, "If this man sees a wall, his limbs spring into action and he begins to hit the wall with his hands, or his feet and sometimes his head. One day his fingers are broken, another day his legs and yet another day he cracks his skull, etc." The doctor then lowered his head in sorrow and said, "We weren't able to treat him, so we've locked him up in a room as you can see. The walls and the floor are covered with sponge, so he can beat himself however he wishes." The doctor was then silent and walked on ahead of us. As for my friend and I, we simply stood there saying, "Praise be to Allah who has saved us from what He has afflicted them with." We then went ahead passing by many rooms on either side of us, until we passed by a room with no beds. There were more than thirty men inside, each on his own. One person was giving Adhan, another was singing, another was turning round and round, while another was dancing. There were three men amongst them who were made to sit on chairs with their hands and feet tied. They were looking around and trying to turn around but could not. I became shocked and asked the doctor, "What is wrong with these people? Why did you tie them up and not the others?" He replied, "The problem with these three is that when they see something in front of them, they strike it. They break the windows, a...
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