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Then when the patient would call back she would

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Unformatted text preview: wedding day!" or words to that effect. The young man remained silent for a while and then said: "I think you haven't it recognised me. I am so-and-so. I have just arrived from Germany with my father's body and I am flying off to Riyadh on the next available flight." I felt as if someone had poured a barrel of cold water over me. I was extremely embarrassed. His father had passed away, whose body happened to be with him in the plane, and yet here I was, joking with him and laughing.This was extremely awkward, indeed! I remained silent for a second, before replying: "I am so sorry! By Allah, I did not realise it was you! I've been here for a few days, you see. May Allah grant you befitting patience and may he forgive your father." This was despite the fact that I had an excuse in not realising who he was, as I used to see him very infrequently and on those occasions he would be in his traditional dress and headscarf. Therefore, because he wore trousers and surprised me, amongst a crowd of young men in Jeddah, I did not think that he was the person in question. 167 Be concerned about others 24 Part of having concern for others is to share in their feelings and to show them that their worries are your worries, and that you love good for them. For this reason, one would find that professional companies always have a Public Relations department, whose role is to send seasonal greetings, gifts, and so on. Whenever one shows people that they are valued and cared for, he captures their hearts and they then love him. Here is a real-life example of this: If a person were to enter a place full of people and could not find a place to sit, and one was to move a little and offer him some space saying: "Please come here and have a seat", he would recognise his concern for him and this would endear him to him. Or, if one was at a dinner party and you noticed him holding his plate, looking for a table with empty space, and he therefore vacated a seat for him, saying: "Welcome! Please have a seat he...
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