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There is no one worthy of worship but you glory be to

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Unformatted text preview: ack. The black bull is ill today and therefore unable to work, while the white bull cannot pull the plough alone. I would like you to do the job for the black bull today, since you are very strong, dear Pasha! You are a leader! You are the one! You are always at the forefront!" Pasha walked towards the plough with arrogance and pride and stood next to the white bull. The farmer came to him and began with the white bull by tying it with ropes to the plough. He then turned to Pasha and said, "You are the best Pasha in the world! You are strong! You are a hero!" He then tied Pasha up with a rope around his shoulders and climbed on top of the plough with a whip and began to shout, "Go!" He whipped the 522 The magician 80 bull making it and Pasha move forward. The farmer kept repeating, "Well done, dear Pasha! Excellent!" as he continued to whip the bull. Pasha had never done this before, but he continued to pull the plough with all his might from the morning until sunset, as if his mind was completely switched off. When he finished, the farmer untied the rope around him and said, "By Allah! Your work was excellent today, dear Pasha! Today was the best day of my life!" He then gave him a few pounds and Pasha went home. He met his children whilst his shoulders had become worn out, blood was pouring out of his feet and his clothes were soaked with his sweat, but he was still intoxicated by the words. His children asked him, "So, did you find any work?" He said quite proudly, "Of course I did! I am Pasha, how can I not find work?" They said, "So, what did you do then?" He said, "What did I do? I..." It then dawned upon him what really had happened that day. He said, "...I worked as a bull today!" Resolution... Pick the best words to speak just as you would pick the best fruits to eat... 523 (81) Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way One of the most difficult circum...
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