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There is no power and no might except by you as he

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Unformatted text preview: became angry and were about to fight him, but the Prophet signalled to them not to. 246 Respond to mistreatment with kindness 36 The Prophet then walked towards his house, called the Bedouin and said, "You came to us, asked for our help, and we helped you. But then you said to us what you said." Then the Prophet gave him more of what he could find in his house and said, "Have I been good to you?" The Bedouin said, "Yes! May Allah reward you in your family and your kinsfolk." The Prophet was delighted to know that the Bedouin was pleased, but he was afraid that his Companions might still have hatred towards him, or that one of them may see him in the street and show his resentment towards the Bedouin. Thus, he wanted to remove this feeling from their hearts. He said to the Bedouin, "You came to us for help and we gave it to you, but then you said what you said. My Companions are resentful towards you for this reason. If you were to go to them now and say to them what you have said to me now, perhaps this feeling would be removed from their hearts." When the Bedouin came, the Prophet said, "This friend of ours came to us for help and we gave it to him, but then he said what he said. We then called him over and gave him more, and now he says that he is pleased." He then turned to the Bedouin and said, "Isn't that so?" The Bedouin replied, "Yes! May Allah reward you in your family and your kin." When the Bedouin decided to leave and go to his family, the Prophet decided to give his Companions a lesson in how to win people's hearts. He said to them, "The example of me with 247 Respond to mistreatment with kindness 36 this Bedouin is like that of a man whose camel runs away from him.A group of people then chase after the camel, as it runs away from them being frightened. They only manage to make it flee further. So the camel's owner finally says, `Leave me alone with the camel! I am gentler with it and I know how it thinks!' The camel's owner then grabs so...
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