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There was only one camel left which was about to die

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Unformatted text preview: the Prophet would smile till his molar teeth would show. How great was the Prophet's behaviour! As Allah has said, "Indeed, you (O Muhammad) are of a noble character!" and He also said to us, "Indeed, in the Messenger of Allah for you there is a noble example." The Prophet used to deal with all sorts of people, and some of them would not be able to deal with others in a noble manner. Some of them would not respond to his feelings, rather they would be very reserved and hasty. Despite this, he would remain patient with them. Once, the Prophet had stopped over at a place called alJi'ranah between Makkah and Madinah. Bilal was with him on his journey. There came a Bedouin to ask the Prophet for a need, which the Prophet promised to fulfil but ultimately could not. The Bedouin was in hurry so he said, "O Muhammad, won't you deliver what you promised?" The Prophet replied to him in kindness, "Rejoice!" `Rejoice!' how beautiful a word! Is there a word nobler than this? But the Bedouin did not respond positively or courteously, and instead shouted with audacity, "I have heard enough of `Rejoice' from you!" The Prophet was angered at the reply but controlled his 367 Between the living and the dead 54 anger. He turned to Abu Musa and Bilal who were sitting next to him and said, "He has refused to rejoice, so please rejoice the two of you." They said, "We rejoice, O Messenger of Allah." He asked for a jug of water and washed his hands and face and rinsed his mouth. He then said: "Drink of this water and wash your faces and necks, and rejoice!" meaning, rejoice at receiving the blessings of this water. They took the jug and did as he said very joyfully. Umm Salamah may Allah be pleased with her was sitting near them behind a curtain and wanted to partake in the blessings, so she called out from behind the veil, "Save some for your mother!" So they left some water and sent it to her. She took the water and did as...
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