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Thereafter i realised that he was speaking in this

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Unformatted text preview: that they had none. He then went out to buy some, but he did not have enough money. The shopkeeper refused to sell it to him on credit. Thus, he came back home, took his utensil with which he made ablution and gave it to the shopkeeper as a deposit, so that in case he was not able to pay for the thyme, the shopkeeper could always sell the utensil to recover his money. He then took the thyme and returned to the guest and gave it to him. When the guest finished eating, he said, "Praise be to Allah who fed us, quenched our thirst and made us content with what He has given us." The host, upon hearing this, sighed in pain and said, "If Allah really had made you content with what He has given you, then my ablution utensil would not have been given as a security!" Similarly, if you were to visit a patient, do not say to him,"Oh! Your face has gone yellow! Your eyes seem to be wandering! Your skin is dry!" How strange! Are you his doctor? Speak good, 188 Only pass comment on what is good 28 or remain silent. It is said that a man once visited a patient and sat next to him for a while. He then asked him as to what was ailing him. The patient told him what was wrong, and that his illness was serious. The visitor, upon hearing this, screamed and said: "Oh no! So-and-so, a friend of mine had the same illness and he died because of it! My brother's friend also caught this disease, and he remained bedridden until he died! My brother-in-law's neighbour also caught this disease and died." All the while, the patient listening to this was about to explode! Then, when the visitor finished what he had to say and decided to leave, he turned to the patient and said, "By the way, do you advise me with anything?" The patient said, "Yes! When you finally leave, do not bother ever coming back to me!" If you visit a patient, then do not mention death to him. It is also said that once an old woman's friend, who was another old woman, fell ill.The old woman would ask her sons, one by one, to take her to h...
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