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Therefore you should deal with the people in

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Unformatted text preview: lth, He has given you health. If He has deprived you of both, then He has given you intellect. If He has deprived you of all, then at least He has gifted you with Islam. Congratulations to you for living Islam and dying upon it. So you may shout at the top of your voice, `al-Hamdulillah!' This is how the Prophet's Companions were may Allah be pleased with them all. The Prophet sent `Amr bin al-`Aas may Allah be pleased with him to Syria on the expedition of Dhat al-Salasil. When he arrived at the scene, he noticed that the enemy was great in number. He sent a message to the Messenger of Allah asking him for reinforcements, so the Prophet sent him Abu `Ubaydah bin al-Jarrah with a unit consisting of the early Muhajirun, including Abu Bakr and `Umar, making Abu `Ubaydah the commander. The Prophet said to Abu `Ubaydah upon dispatching him, 334 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 "The two of you should not differ..." Thus, Abu `Ubaydah went forth until he reached `Amr bin al`Aas, who said to him, "You have come as a reinforcement for my army, and I am its commander." Abu `Ubaydah said, "No. Rather, I remain in my position, as you remain in yours", meaning, I am the commander over my unit with whom I have come, and you are a commander over your own army. Abu `Ubaydah was a very lenient and easy going person. Worldly things did not matter much to him. `Amr said in response, "No. Rather, you are sent as reinforcement for my army." Abu `Ubaydah replied, "O `Amr, the Messenger of Allah has said to me:`The two of you should not differ'; so even if you were to disobey me, I will obey you." In response, `Amr said, "In that case, I am your commander and you are my reinforcement." Abu `Ubaydah agreed to this, and therefore, `Amr bin al-`Aas may Allah be pleased with him stepped forward and led the people in prayer. After the expedition, the first person to arrive back in Madinah was `Awf bin Malik may Alla...
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