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They helplessly watched him dragged on the ground in

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Unformatted text preview: id the best I could about him, and when I became angry, I said the worst I could. By Allah, I was correct both times!" The Prophet was so surprised at the speed at which he argued so convincingly and so skilfully that he said, "Some rhetoric is magic! Some rhetoric is magic!" (al-Hakim with a disputed chain, although the origin of the hadeeth is in al-Bukhari and Muslim) Thus, be skilful with your tongue. If someone asks you for a pen, say, "Sure, here you are..." If someone says, "I have a request...", say, "At your service!" If he says, "I would like you to do a favour for me", you should say, "By all means!" Use the various modes of speech that would move people's emotions. Speak to your mother in a soft tone and by using beautiful words, and the same goes for your father, wife, children and colleagues. Speaking in this manner would not cost you anything, but would only enchant those you speak to and get rid of any ill feelings they may have for you. Just look at the Ansar may Allah be pleased with them all after the battle of Hunayn. The Ansar, who fought alongside the Prophet at Badr, who were killed at Badr, who were sur517 The magician 80 rounded at Khandaq and continued to stay with him, fighting and being killed until they eventually conquered Makkah, after which they headed for the battle of Hunayn. It is reported in al-Bukhari and Muslim that the early part of the battle was intense. People left and dispersed, leaving the Prophet exposed. The army of Ta'if was very strong. The Muslims were seemingly facing a defeat. The Prophet turned to his companions only to see them running away from him. He then called out to the Ansar, "O Ansar!" They replied, "At your service, O Messenger of Allah!" and they returned to him and formed a line to protect him against the enemies' swords. They continued to sacrifice themselves for Allah's Messenger until the enemy fled and the Muslims were victorious. When the battle was over an...
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