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They relate their stories from school but they feel

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Unformatted text preview: , managers and teachers were to be gentle in their approach, most problems and argumentation would diminish. We are always required to be gentle, while driving, teaching, buying and selling. However, a person might sometimes be required to be firm, even while advising.This is considered being wise while advising, and that is by dealing with each case on its own merit. The Prophet's anger if he ever became angry was always in religious matters. The Prophet never became angry for his own sake. He would only become angry if one of Allah's sanctities was being violated. Once `Umar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him- 357 Gentleness only beautifies 53 met a Jewish person. The Jewish person showed him a passage from the Torah, which amazed `Umar, so he took a copy for himself. He then came to the Messenger of Allah with this passage from the Torah and read it out to him. The Prophet realised that `Umar was taken by the passage and that if the door was opened up for deriving rulings from previous religions, then their books would become mixed with the Qur'an, thereby leaving the people perplexed. How could `Umar have gone ahead and made a copy of the passage and written it with his own hands without asking the Prophet ? The Prophet became angry and said, "Are you confused over this, O Ibn al-Khattab?" meaning, are you doubting my Shari`ah? He then said, "I swear by the One who has my soul in His Hand, I have come to you with something crystal clear. Do not ask them about anything, lest they inform you of the truth and you reject it, or they inform you of falsehood and you believe in it. I swear by the One who has my soul in His hand, if Musa was alive today, he would have no choice but to follow me." (Ahmad, Abu Ya'la and Bazzar, Hasan) Yes, although we urge gentleness, firmness is sometimes needed. During the early stages of the Prophet's prophethood, he used to come to the Ka'bah, whilst the Quraysh would be sitting in their gatherings. He would pray and not pay any attention to them. T...
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