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They said allah has brought near to us our wish340 be

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Unformatted text preview: d to the doctor, "Please take me to the exit." I said, "Actually, some sections are still left to visit." He said, "I think, what we have seen so far is sufficient." The doctor walked on and I walked beside him. He was walking past many wards while we remained silent. Suddenly, he turned to me as if he had just remembered something and said, "Dear Shaykh, there is a person here who was a prominent businessman. He is a millionaire. He became mentally ill, so his children brought him here and left him two years ago. There is another person here who was an engineer. Another person here was..." The doctor began informing me of those who were degraded after being honourable, and others who became poor after being rich, and so on. I was walking through the patient rooms thinking, "Glory be to the One who apportioned provision amongst the slaves. He gives to whomever He wills and withholds from whomever He wills." Allah may provide someone with wealth, noble lineage and status, yet deprive him of sanity. You will find him the wealthiest and the strongest of all, yet he is imprisoned in a mental hospital. Allah may give another person a noble lineage, abundant wealth and great intellect, yet deprive him of health.You will find him lying on his bed for twenty or thirty years. His wealth and 333 Be content with what Allah has apportioned for you 48 his lineage are useless. Then there are those whom Allah gives health, strength and intellect, yet deprives of them wealth, so you see them carrying their loads in marketplaces, or as unprivileged and poor people who keep switching between humble jobs and hardly earn enough to stave their hunger. This is how Allah gives people some things while depriving them of others. Your Lord creates what He wills and chooses. The people have no choice therein. Hence, it is befitting for anyone afflicted with a calamity to recall Allah's favours to him before counting the calamities Allah is testing him with, for if He has deprived you of wea...
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