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They then said we want to stipulate a condition that

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Unformatted text preview: always hunting for opportunities to earn people's love. 441 (67) Looking after one's appearance Once, Abu Hanifah was sitting amongst his students in the mosque, giving them a class. He had a pain in his knee, due to which he had stretched out his leg and was leaning against a wall. Meanwhile, a man with a majestic appearance came to him wearing a nice garment and a fine turban. He walked in a very dignified manner.When the students saw him, they made way for him so that he could sit next to Abu Hanifah. When Abu Hanifah saw his appearance and sedateness, he became embarrassed of the way in which he was sitting, so he bent his leg and endured the pain in his knee. Abu Hanifah continued to deliver his lecture as the man listened. When the lesson finished, the students began to ask questions.The man raised his hand to ask a question, so Abu Hanifah turned to him and said, "What is your question?" He said, "O Shaykh! When does the time for the Maghrib prayer enter?" Abu Hanifah replied, "When the sun sets!" He said, "What if the night falls and the sun still hasn't set? What should we do then?" Abu Hanifah then said, `"It's time for Abu Hanifah to spread 442 Looking after one's appearance 67 his leg..." and spread his leg he did! He refused to answer such an absurd question, for how could the night fall when the sun has not set? They say that the first look makes up for 70% of a person's impression of you. To me, it seems upon contemplation that the first look makes up for 95% of the impression, until you speak or introduce yourself. Then this percentage either increases or decreases. If you walk through a passageway in a hospital or a company and next to you there is a man wearing nice clothes who is walking sedately, you will notice that you perhaps subconsciously would turn to him upon reaching a door and say, "Please, you first!" In contrast, if you were to enter a car of one of your friends and saw that its interior was in complete...
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