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This bothered me greatly since the smoke was choking

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Unformatted text preview: stances in life is when a person in need comes to you only to return disappointed with his need unfulfilled. Yes, fulfilling the needs of people is one of the greatest acts of worship, and proof enough for this are the Prophet's words, "For me to walk along with my brother to fulfil his need is more beloved to me than to make I'tikaf in this mosque of mine for a month." (al-Tabari, Hasan) However, it is sometimes difficult to fulfil everyone's needs. Not everyone who asks for a loan can be helped. Not everyone who asks you to accompany him on a journey can be responded to positively. Not everyone who asks you, even for something as minor as a pen or a watch, can be helped. The problem is that there are many people who, if you do not fulfil their request, may harbour ill feelings towards you.They may criticise you thereafter in public and accuse you of stinginess or selfishness.What should one then do? Be an expert in getting yourself out of these situations wisely. If someone asks you for a favour which you cannot do, then at least refuse with kind words. 524 Help by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way 81 You neither have a horse to give nor wealth Help with your speech, if you cannot help with anything else If a person were to discover that you are planning to travel to a certain city, and he comes to you and says, "I would like you to buy something for me from the city you are travelling to" and yet, for one reason or another, you are not in a position to fulfil his need, how should you respond? Help him by your speech if you cannot do so in any other way. Say to him, "By Allah, dear brother, I wish to serve you with all my heart, and you are more beloved to me than many others. However, I fear that my time will be restricted. I have a few things to do which would prevent me from fulfilling your request." If he were to call you to wedding party and you wish to excuse yourself but fear that he may harbour ill feelings towards you...
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