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Unformatted text preview: Makkah by force before they come to him to seek his protection, the Quraysh will be destroyed forever!" Al-`Abbas went to the Prophet and sought his permission to leave, and the Prophet granted him it. Al-`Abbas mounted on the Prophet's white mule and left. 566 The art of discussion 86 Abu Sufyan along with his companions meanwhile came closer to the camp of the Prophet , unaware that the army actually belonged to the Prophet . As he looked at the fires that the Muslims had lit, he said, "I have never seen such huge fires lit, nor an army as huge as this. How great it is! I wonder who they are?" One of his companions said, "This is, by Allah, the Khuza'ah tribe, and they are excited about war!" Abu Sufyan replied, "Khuza'ah is too feeble and too small in number to have this many fires lit and to have such a huge encampment." Abu Sufyan got closer and closer to the camp, until he fell into the hands of a group of Muslim guards who captured him and decided to take him to the Prophet . Meanwhile, as al-`Abbas was riding his mule, he saw Abu Sufyan and his companions who had just been captured by the Muslim horsemen. Abu Sufyan came forward frightened and began to follow al-`Abbas as his followers followed after him, being guarded by the Muslim horsemen from behind. Al-`Abbas moved swiftly with Abu Sufyan to see the Messenger of Allah , and each time they passed by a fire, the Muslims asked, "Who is this person?" When they saw al-`Abbas mounted on the Prophet's mule, they said, "It is the uncle of the Messenger of Allah on his mule." Al-`Abbas continued to move on in a hurry in case anyone spotted Abu Sufyan, until they passed by `Umar bin al-Khattab's fire. He said,"Who is this person?" as he got up to see for himself. When he noticed Abu Sufyan on the back of the horse, he 567 The art of discussion 86 screamed, "Abu Sufyan! The enemy of Allah! Praise be to Allah who landed you in our hands without there being any pact or treaty!" However, al-`Abbas prevented him from harming Abu Sufyan. `Umar h...
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