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Unformatted text preview: e ablution from after which he got up and prayed. There came Jabir bin `Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him and he stood to the left of the Messenger of Allah , said the Takbeer and initiated his prayer with him. Thereupon, the Prophet took him by his hand and gently moved him to his right, and they both continued with the prayer. There also came Jabbar bin Sakhr may Allah be pleased with him. He made ablution, and stood to the left of the Messenger of Allah . The Prophet took the two by their hands gently and pushed them slightly back until they were praying behind him. (al-Bukhari) One day, whilst the Prophet was sitting down, there came to him Umm Qays bint Muhsin with her newborn in order that the Prophet would chew some date and rub therewith the soft palate of the child for blessings (Tahnik), and pray for him. The Prophet took him and placed him on his lap. It was not long before the baby urinated in the lap of the Prophet and made his garment wet. All the Prophet did then was to call for some water and spray over the affected area of his garment, and that was the end of the matter. (al-Bukhari) 291 Run away from problems! 41 He did not become angry or frown. So why should we torture ourselves by making a mountain out of a molehill? Not everything that happens to you must be to your liking 100%. Some people cannot control their nerves and magnify the situation, including some parents and teachers. Do not search for hidden faults. Be open to accept others' excuses, especially those who make excuses in order to preserve their good relations with you, and not for some personal gain. Look at the Prophet ! He climbed the pulpit one day, and addressed his Companions in such a loud voice that even the young women were able to hear him inside their homes! Do you know what he said in the sermon? He said, "O you who have believed with your tongues, yet faith has not entered your hearts! Do not backbite the Muslims! Do not search for their faults! For the one wh...
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