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This was the first time the prophet was entering abu

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Unformatted text preview: y was shaking by the news. By Allah, I had no knowledge of any of that. We then reached Madinah and I became severely ill. Nothing had reached me still from what the people were saying. It did reach the Messenger of Allah and my parents, but they would never even mention it to me in passing, except that I noticed that the Messenger of Allah was not showing me kindness. Usually, whenever I fell ill, he would have mercy on me and show me kindness. But this time he did not. Rather, if he visited me whilst I was in my mother's company who was looking after me, he would say, `How is that lady?' and say no more. I felt this in my heart. When I noticed that he was distant from me, I said, `O Messenger of Allah, do you give me permission to go to my mother so that she may nurse me?' He replied, `No problem'. Thus I moved in with my mother, without having any knowledge of what was happening. I then recovered from my illness after twenty odd nights. One night I decided to go out to fulfil some of my needs, along with Umm Mistah, the daughter of Abu Bakr's aunt, and as we were walking, she stumbled over her robe and fell, or was 228 Make it easy to rectify a fault 34 about to. She said, `Let Mistah be ruined!' I said, `How bad is what you have said! You are cursing a man who witnessed the battle of Badr!' She said, `O you! Did you not hear what he has said? Hasn't the news reached you, O daughter of Abu Bakr?' `What news?' I asked. She then informed me what the slanderous people had been saying. `Is this really the case?' I remarked. `Yes, by Allah, it is!' she replied. By Allah, I was not able to fulfil my need so I returned and became more ill. By Allah, I would not cease to cry until I thought that my weeping would split open my liver. I said to my mother, `May Allah forgive you! People are talking about all this, and you do not mention any of this to me.' She said in reply, `O my daughter! Do not worry about it. Very rarely do we find a beautiful woman married to a man who l...
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