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Thus he called me and he concealed it from you i

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Unformatted text preview: he keys to mistakes... 43 `Umar said, "O Messenger of Allah! Order `Ubbad bin Bishr al-Ansari to kill him!" However, the Messenger of Allah was wiser. He realised that they had just returned from a battle and the people were still carrying their weapons. People were overwhelmed. It was not appropriate to create more disorder. The Prophet said, "What would we do, O `Umar, when people start saying that Muhammad kills his own Companions? No, O `Umar! Order the people to depart!" The people had just stopped over and sat in the shade. How could the Prophet order them to depart in the severe heat of the sun? It was never the habit of the Prophet to depart in severe heat. But the people departed, anyway. Meanwhile, it reached `Abdullah bin Salul that the Messenger of Allah had been informed by Zayd bin Arqam of what he heard from him. So he went to the Messenger of Allah and began to swear by Allah that he didn't say or speak a word. But the young boy belied him. Ibn Salul was the leader of his people and held in great esteem. An Ansari said, "O Messenger of Allah! Perhaps the young boy misheard and does not remember what the man said." They began to defend Ibn Salul, but the Prophet kept moving forward on his camel without paying attention to anyone. Then one of the leaders of Ansar, Usayd bin Hudhyar came to the Prophet , greeted him and said, "O Messenger of Allah! By Allah you have decided to depart at a wrong time! You never set off in such conditions!" The Prophet turned to him and said, "Has it not reached 302 The keys to mistakes... 43 you what your Companion has said?" He said, "Which companion, O Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet said, ``Abdullah bin Ubayy". "What did he say?" He asked. The Prophet said, "He claims that when he returns to Madinah, the most honourable one would expel the meanest." Usayd upon hearing this became enraged and said, "In that case, you, O Messenger of Allah, would expel him if you like! H...
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