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Thus you would find them lying about their courage or

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Unformatted text preview: wife, while `Umar sat with the man. `Umar prepared the fire and blew on the flames while he was cooking the food; the smoke covered his beard while the man sat and watched. Meanwhile, `Umar's wife called out from inside the tent and said, "O Amir al-Mu'minin! Glad tidings of a baby boy!" When the man heard the words, "Amir al-Mu'minin" he became shocked and said, "Are you the Caliph, `Umar bin al-Khattab?" "Yes, I am", replied `Umar. The man was bemused and began to distance himself from `Umar. `Umar said, "Stay in your place." 436 To worship in secret 65 He then got hold of the plate, placed it next to the tent and called out to his wife, Umm Kulthum saying, "Take some food for her." The woman then ate some food and left the rest outside the tent. `Umar then took the plate and placed it in front of the man and said, "Have something to eat, for you haven't slept since last night." `Umar then called his wife out of the tent and said to the man, "Do come to us tomorrow and we will give you whatever you wish." May Allah have mercy on `Umar for his humbleness and secret acts of worship which he did for the sole objective of earning Allah's love. `Ali bin al-Husayn may Allah have mercy upon him and his father would carry a sack of bread on his back at night and give it in charity. He would say, "Giving charity in secret extinguishes Allah's wrath." When he died, black marks were found on his back, and it was said, "This is the back of a person who carries loads, but as far as we are aware, he never worked as someone who did that." When the food supply stopped reaching a hundred homes in Madinah - and these were the homes of widows and orphans who would receive their food supply at night while not knowing who delivered it to them people realised that it was `Ali bin al-Husayn who would bring these food supplies and spend on these people. One of the Salaf fasted for twenty years, fasting a day and not fasting...
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