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To deal skilfully with women one should discover the

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Unformatted text preview: There may be a person with dishevelled hair who is rejected and not cared for, but if he ever asks Allah for something he 53 With the poor 9 is always responded to. Therefore, always be humane with the weak. A hint... Perhaps just a smile at a poor man would raise you in rank in the sight of Allah. 54 (10) With women My grandfather used to mention an old idiom which says, "When one neglects his she-goat, she brings home a male-goat," which means that when a woman does not get her emotional needs fulfilled, she responds willingly to someone else who charms her. The point of this idiom is not to liken the man and the woman to a male and female goat Allah's refuge is sought! since a woman is a man's companion. If Allah has blessed the man with a strong body, He has also blessed the woman with strong emotions. How often do we see brave men and even leaders crumble in front of the emotional prowess of a woman? To deal skilfully with women one should discover the key to her emotions.The Prophet would advise people to treat their womenfolk with kindness and have regard for their emotions, so that they may live with them in happiness. He advised fathers to be kind to their daughters. "Whoever looks after two girls until they have grown up, he and I will be on the Day of Resurrection like this", said the Prophet as he joined his fingers together. He also advised sons to look after their mothers. He was 55 With women 10 asked, "Who should I honour the most?" The Prophet replied,"Your mother, then your mother, then your mother and then your father." (al-Bukhari and Muslim) He similarly advised husbands to look after their wives, and went on to criticise those who anger or hurt their wives. Read the words the Prophet said on his last pilgrimage in front of a hundred thousand pilgrims, amongst them white, black, old, young, rich and poor. He called out to them all and said, "You must treat your womenfolk well! You must treat your womenfolk well!" (Muslim and al-Tirmidhi) One day, a group of women came to the wives of the Prop...
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