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To help someone with enchanting words indicates that

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Unformatted text preview: people. It is said that once upon a time in Egypt there was a rich man known as Pasha who owned acres of farmland. He was also a very arrogant man who would often humiliate humble farmers. However, a time came when his farms were afflicted by something and so rendered useless. He thus became poor after having being rich and his children began to go hungry as he no longer had any source of income and had no skills other than farming. He, therefore went out to look for any work he could find. He went to a farm which belonged to a weak person that he had once humiliated. He visited him and said in all humility, "Do you have any work I can do? Perhaps collect fruits, clean seeds, or prune trees?" The farmer shouted,"You want to work for me, you arrogant man? Al-Hamdulillah, Allah responded to our prayers against you and humiliated you!" He then threw him off his land. He went off, dragging his feet to another farm to see another farmer with whom he also had painful memories. This farmer also threw him out like the first one. Pasha continued, determined not to go back home to his 521 The magician 80 children empty handed. He went to the third farmer to try his luck. When the farmer saw him, he became dazzled since he too had experienced humiliation at his hands. The Pasha said, "I am looking for work since my children are hungry." The farmer decided to humiliate him and to take revenge in a clever way. He said to him, "Welcome, dear Pasha! You have brightened up my farm! Who could be luckier than me today? The great Pasha enters my farm! The great Pasha! The honourable Pasha! "He began to intoxicate him with such expressions until Pasha was hypnotised. The farmer then said, "Welcome! I have some work for you, although I do not know if it would be appropriate for you." Pasha said, "What is it?" He said, "Today I need to cultivate the land. I have a plough which is pulled by two bulls, one white and the other bl...
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