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Umar quickly approached abu bakr to discuss this with

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Unformatted text preview: creen during the days of his examination. The first one says to his son, "Muhammad! Revise your lessons!" The second says, "Majid! If you do not revise, by Allah, I will hit you and I will not give you any pocket money!" The third says, "Salih! Would you please revise your lessons? It would be better than watching television, don't you think?" Which of the three would be considered best manners? Undoubtedly, the third, since he presented his order to him as if it were only a suggestion. Similarly, it should be the case when dealing with your wife. "Sarah, can you please make a cup of tea?" "Hind, I would like to have an early lunch today, if possible." Likewise, when a person errs, try to rectify it by ways in which he would think that rectification was his own initiative. For example, your son is often not present for prayers in the mosque. You can say to him, for instance, "Sa'd, don't you wish to enter paradise? Surely you do! In that case, you should guard 207 Do not be dictatorial 32 your prayers." Once upon a time, in a Bedouin tent in the desert, a woman was groaning while giving birth. Her husband was next to her, waiting for her to deliver. The labour became severe for the woman, and she finally gave birth, but to a black child! The man looked at himself and his wife to find both of them fair-skinned. He became surprised as to how his son could be black.The devil whispered into his heart saying, "Perhaps, this baby is someone else's. Perhaps a black man fornicated with her, and thus she became pregnant! Perhaps..." The man became confused and went to Madinah and approached the Messenger of Allah whilst he was sitting with his Companions. He said, "O Messenger of Allah! My wife gave birth to a black child! We have never had any black person in our family!" The Prophet looked at him. Although, he was well able to lecture him about having good thoughts about others, and that he should not have accused his wife, he decided to try a different method with him to solve his problem. He decided to make the man...
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