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Umar then emerged from behind the rock and entered

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Unformatted text preview: " But the Prophet did not want to oblige himself with a promise would not fulfil.Thus, he said,"No." Thereupon, `Amir became angry, his complexion changed and shouted at the top of his voice, "I shall fill your spaces with men and cavalry and tie a horse to every tree. I will attack you with two thousand horses!" He then left, foaming at the mouth and screaming. The Prophet looked at him and then raised his gaze to the sky and said, "O Allah, suffice me of Amir's evil and guide his people." `Amir set off with his companions until he left Madinah head423 Who kicked the cat? 63 ing towards the dwellings of his people, intending to go back and prepare an army to attack Madinah. During the way, he became tired and the signs of exhaustion became apparent on him. He needed a place to rest, and by chance, he was passing by a woman from his people, known as Saluliyyah who used to live in a tent. She was known as a debauched woman. She was condemned by the people and whoever entered her house was accused of debauchery and evil. Since, `Amir could not find a place to stay, he had no choice but to descend from his horse and sleep in her house. Overnight, he caught a disease in the thyroid gland near his throat which usually afflicts camels and due to which they die. He became terrified and confused. He began to feel his tumour and say, "It is the sort of tumour that camels get, and it is death in the house of Saluliyyah!" Meaning, it was neither an honourable death, nor was the place honourable. He wished that he could be killed in a battle, struck by the swords of brave men. Yet, there he was, dying of a disease that usually afflicts animals, and in the house of a debauched woman! Woe to this humiliation and disgrace! He screamed to his companions, "Bring me my horse!" When they brought him his horse, he mounted it and took hold of his spear. He began to roam around on his horse, while screaming in pain. He kept feeling his throat with his...
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